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Heavy Medal Finalist #12: This Promise of Change by Jo Ann Allen Boyce and Debbie Levy

In her introduction to “This Promise of Change,” Heavy Medal Committee member Molly Sloan dives deep into this important part of American History that is true, timely and unforgettable. Please join the discussion.

Heavy Medal Finalist #11: Scary Stories for Young Foxes

In her introduction to “Scary Stories for Young Foxes,” Heavy Medal Committee member Courtney Hague describes how “eight scary stories… are deftly strung together to give the reader an overarching tale of two young foxes fighting for their lives, their families, and each other. ” This novel by Christian McKay Heidicker is up for discussion on today’s Heavy Medal’s Mock Newbery.

Heavy Medal Finalist #10: The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise

One of the early front runners in this year’s Heavy Medal Mock Newbery selection, will The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise retain the enthusiastic support and continue to gain momentum? Join the conversation here.

Heavy Medal Finalist #9: Queen of the Sea

Introduced by Heavy Medal Committee Member Earl Dizon “A queen does not abandon her people. If that pathetic shrew wants the crown, our father denied her; she’ll have to take it by force.” “What if she takes your head along with it?” “My people won’t allow that to happen!” “The people aren’t here, Your Majesty.” […]

Heavy Medal Finalist #8: Pay Attention, Carter Jones

Gary D. Schmidt’s “Pay Attention, Carter Jones” is today’s featured Mock -Newbery title. In her introduction to our discussion, Heavy Medal Committee member Jen Bartkus notes that she was “wonderfully surprised with a much deeper, richer story detailing the realization that the loss of a loved one, no matter what the circumstances, is tremendously difficult and hard to express.”

Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Finalist #6: New Kid

Jerry Craft’s “New Kid” is the featured title on today’s Heavy Medal Mock Newbery discussion. This graphic novel is funny, insightful, and explores powerful themes in a variety of creative ways.

Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Finalist #5: The Line Tender

“The Line Tender,” Kate Allen’s excellent debut novel, is today’s featured book on the Heavy Medal Mock Newbery discussion. Heavy Medal Committee member Amanda Bishop notes that the author “describes everything with respect that transforms the mundane into a thing of beauty.”

Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Finalist #4: Lalani of the Distant Sea

Recent Newbery winner Erin Entrada Kelly’s magical tale of Lalani and her quest receives high praise from Heavy Medal Award Committee Member Melisa Bailey. Join the conversation to discuss this book.

Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Finalist #3: The Important Thing About Margaret Wise Brown.

Heavy Medal Award Committee members and readers will engage in a discussion about The Important Thing About Margaret Wise Brown: one of the top contenders of the Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Award.

Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Finalist #2: Genesis Begins Again

Heavy Medal Committee member Mary Zdrojewski introduces Alicia Williams’ GENESIS BEGINS AGAIN. HM Committee Members and other readers are invited to join the discussion of this potentially Newbery-worthy title.