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Call for Newbery Suggestions from the First Half of 2020

We’re halfway through 2020, and the number of excellent children’s books from the year continues to grow. Heavy Medal invites readers to add “Suggestions” to our running list of potential contenders for the 2021 Newbery Award.

Newbery Suggestions: Leaders through June

The growing list of Suggested Titles on Heavy Medal’s 2021 Mock Newbery is up to 51. Check out the updated list of possible contenders for the award that will be given to the best children’s book of the year.

It’s Time for June Suggestions

In 2020’s children’s books we’ve met a wide variety of memorable characters, including kids (like Zoe, Efrén, and King), animals (such as Bob the dog and a mysterious tiger) and historical figures (including Charles Lindbergh and the “scoundrels” of a 1940’s French village). Now it’s time for June Suggestions on Heavy Medal: your chance to add your own recommendations of potential contenders for the 2021 Newbery Award.

Newbery Suggestions: Prairie Lotus is Early Leader

Linda Sue Park’s PRAIRIE LOTUS is the leading early Newbery Medal contender according to Heavy Medal readers. Several other titles are also getting strong support. 44 titles have received suggestions so far. Check out the current totals through May 10th in this post.

May Suggestions Now Open

We’re one third of the way through 2020…has the future 2021 Newbery book been published yet? Heavy Medal readers are invited to submit suggestions for possible candidates in our May Suggestion post.

Newbery Suggestions: A Tight Early Race

After two months of reader suggestions, the list of potential Newbery contenders features a couple of dozen 2020 titles, but no clear leader. Check out the list so far and keep reading.

The Newbery Search Continues

Though the past month’s events have made it challenging to keep up with current children’s literature for many readers, Heavy Medal continues to build our list of contenders for the 2021 Newbery Medal. Readers are invited to contribute to our April list of recommended worthy titles through April 12th.

Mock Newbery Early Leaders Revealed

Heavy Medal readers submitted their first lists of potential 2021 Newbery contenders. The early leaders feature a the true story of a famous pilot and a novel about a girl trying to connect with her imprisoned father.

Farewell – The Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Process of 2020 Is Officially Over

The 2020 Newbery season is behind us and the 2021 Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Award process is about to start!

Heavy Medal Readers’ Poll Winner: “Lalani of the Distant Sea”

“Lalani of the Distant Sea” by Erin Entrada Kelly won the Heavy Medal Readers poll by a single vote over Jerry Craft’s “New Kid.”
125 Heavy Medal readers took part in the poll.