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Support SKILLs, Support Learners

I am sorry I missed Tuesday’s Day on the Hill at ALA Annual!  Senators Jack Reed (D-RI) and Thad Cochran (R-MS), and Representatives Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) and Vernon Ehlers (R-MI) introduced the Strengthening Kids’ Interest in Learning and Libraries Act (SKILLs). This critical act promotes equity for learners.  All students deserve quality libraries and qualified […]

NETS Refresh Unvieled

In a packed room, Don Knezek launched NETS*S refreshed this morning. 

Build a manifesto with me (Part 3!)

And now the end of the manifesto!  You know you are a 21st century teacher-librarian if you . . . Know that one-to-one laptop classrooms will change your teaching logistics. You realize you will often have to teach in a partner teacher’s classroom. You will teach virtually. You will be available across the school via […]

Build a manifesto with me (continued)

Please help me edit this manifesto with your blog comments and wiki edits!   You know you are a 21st century teacher librarian if you . . . Make sure your learners and teachers can (physically & intellectually) access developmentally appropriate databases, portals, and websites in multiple media. Organize the Web for learners. You have the […]

Build a manifesto with me. You know you’re a 21st century teacher-librarian if . . .

Greetings again from the ISTE conference in Atlanta.  I am working hard to process what I’ve learned.  More on all that soon.  (I am not cut out for live blogging.) Yesterday I was honored to sit on a panel with some of my heroes: Alice Yucht, Larry Johnson, David Warlick, Liz Perez, and Doug Johnson, […]

Avatars and inservices

In a recent comment, Tracy asked for successful 2.0 teacher inservice ideas: It has to be stuff that will appeal to their sense of personal fun – if I market it as something they have to learn for the classroom, they will never sign up to learn voluntarily. Your suggestions (and those from any other […]

Greetings from Edubloggercon!

I was feeling kinda guilty about missing ALA Annual for the first time in forever.  I hate it when ALA and NECC overlap.  This year, I needed to attend Edubloggercon, the unconference that gathered passionate edubloggers from all over the world. You know many of their names: Will Richardson, David Warlick, Doug Johnson, Vicki Davis, […]

Ten reasons why your next pathfinder should be a wiki

Pathfinders lead researchers through information jungles.  They make sense of the huge variety of information buckets.  They can suggest keywords and tags and call numbers. They can suggest books and journals to browse. They link researchers to critical readings and websites and blogs and wikis and portals and databases. They suggest strategies for searching and […]

Pandora and me

A couple of friends recommended it, but it took a few hours alone in a hotel room for me to open this amazing box., a product of the Music Genome Project, moves my musical interests way beyond my meager iTunes collection.  Beyond what I thought I liked to listen to. Based on my thumbs […]

See Michael blog. The human record under threat?

See Michael blog.  See Michael provoke.  Over the next six weeks, former ALA President Michael Gorman, known for his disdain of ‘blog people,” functions as lead blogger at the Web 2.0 Forum on the Britannica Blog.  Gorman will post a series of six essays on a question posed by the folks at Britannica: Web 2.0: […]