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BlogDay: Celebrating new voices

I just discovered that today is the 3rd annual BlogDay. What is BlogDay?       "BlogDay was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest. On that day Bloggers will recommend other blogs to their blog visitors.       With […]


Wednesday morning’s keynote inspired. Tim Tyson, principal at Mabry Middle School, shared his students’ work. A big fan of Dewey’s active learning, Tyson believes the things that are important in education: Connectedness Meaningfulness Significance Contribution Tyson’s 7th grade student films attacked real (and big) questions. Bob Sprankle’s students produced an amazing video on how to […]

Copyright-friendly pathfinder–join the wiki party!

Most students know how to get images and other media. They are well aware of the cool stuff they can find using  Google’s Image Search, or YouTube, or Flickr or iTunes. But despite common practice, the fact that an image or a sound is available to us doesn’t really give us the right to copy […]

Start skrbling

If you believe that wikis rock for collaboration, but you want a little more freedom to create and the ability to be a little more visual, here’s another cool 2.0 app that might meet your needs. (Courtesy of my friend and colleague, Ken Rodoff.) skrbl is an online whiteboard that can be shared publicly or […]

Class of 2011–the cultural context

As it has each August for the last decade, Beloit College in Wisconsin released its latest Mindset List for the Class of 2011, a reminder of what cultural context means for the young adults with work with and love, for those who turn 18 in 2007.  (Also a reminder of how old I really am!) […]

Booktalking 2.0 (2.0)

A couple of weeks ago my post on Booktalking 2.0 grew too long. I was able to include the more traditional podcast booktalks and promised to later discuss another emerging strategy for promoting books digitally. So let’s explore book trailers, video book trailers, vidlit, or digital video booktalks in this post.  (Note: several of these […]

Database debate continued

As a follow-up to my last post about databases, this debate also lives on the Chronicle of Higher Education in the article, A List Without Libraries.  The concern surrounded The Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies’ recent post–a list of Top 10 Tools for Learning selected by "101 (e-)learning professionals (consultants, analysts, developers, practitioners, academics, […]

On repairing database denial (and making them sexy)

I used to worry about databases.  A lot.   For the past several months I’ve been involved in things that most of the edtech world probably considers a little sexier than databases—blogs, and wikis, and RSS feeds, and tagging, and Twitter, and digital storytelling—you get the idea.   Last night fellow Twitters Alice Barr and Durff […]

Learning 2.0: collaborating on definition and direction

Special report: We take a break in our regularly scheduled bloggraming of useful 2.0 resources to point you to a critical blog post. As many of us struggle to understand and communicate changes in information and communication culture and potential changes we see for the culture of learning and teaching, Sheryl Nussbaum Beach offers a […]

Booktalking 2.0

True confession: I was never a good booktalker.  I did it at every level.  I spent a week quickly reading or re-reading 10 or so books around a theme, around a genre, the new titles.  I’d talk passionately about each one. At the end of the period or block, all 25 students were motivated to […]