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Conference options: My June mess and K12 Online

Why is it the end of June is always such a mess for me? And why am I worried about June in September?

I have my presentation proposal in front of me for NECC 2008 (with its October 1 deadline) and I find myself struggling with the same conference decision I had last year.   Do I skip ALA Annual again in favor of the conference that allows me to learn from and share with the most inspiring technology-using educators?  Do I skip that conference and contribute more directly to my own field and mingle with my library world friends?  Because of committee obligations, I will either have to do both this year, or skip NECC.  I am already anxious about that crazy week. 

I realize that neither organization really thinks of Joyce Valenza when they organize their conference schedules, but in my dream world both conferences are actually attendable.  And (this time :-)  it’s not just about me. I know scores of other technology-interested school librarians (a major component of the regular NECC demographic) feel my pain and I know several educational vendors who struggle with the overlap.

On a positive note . . .

One conference all technology-using school librarians can attend is K12 Online

The 2nd annual K12 Online virtual conference is less than a month away.  It will include live events,  a keynote scheduled for the week of October 8, and many presentations to be published during the weeks of October 15 and 22.  All events will be archived. 

The conference is completely free. If you choose to attend, you will meet important thinkers and dreamers and practitioners of the edtech world.  You will connect yourself with their visions of how our schools are evolving, how learning is changing.

Because the presentation list might overwhelm, the site began posting a few of the workshop presenters’ teasers–short, online videos to give attendees a better idea of what their presentation will address.

Five teasers are already up:

The four conference strands are: Classroom 2.0, New Tools, Professional Learning Networks, and Obstacles to Opportunities.

Meet me there.  We can demonstrate strong teacher-librarian presence at this conference. We can plan to present there ourselves in the next go-round.

Your attendance will help you help learners learn and help teachers teach over the coming year.

Joyce Valenza About Joyce Valenza

Joyce is an Assistant Professor of Teaching at Rutgers University School of Information and Communication, a technology writer, speaker, blogger and learner. Follow her on Twitter: @joycevalenza


  1. Doug Johnson says:

    Hiya Joycie,

    My calendar shows ALA running from June 26 – 30 and NECC from June 29-July 2. A couple days overlap, but better than this year. I am hoping to do both!

    And BOTH organizations think of Joyce Valenza!

    When I’ve raised the conference conflict issue with both organizations, I’ve been brushed off. At the current time, too few overlapping members, dates booked too far in advance, yada, yada, yada.


  2. Joyce,

    I watched from afar as NECC unfolded this year. I’ve already told my husband that I’d REALLY like to go to Texas next year.

    My knowledge of educational technology is spotty, but I’m engaged and committed, just as I hope some of my students will be.

    See you in upstate New York at WSWHE-BOCES!


  3. joycevalenza says:

    Ah, but Doug, it’s the Saturday Edubloggercon that I would miss the most!

  4. Julie Lindsay says:

    Hi Joyce, I do hope I see you at NECC08. You are an inspiration! I am working with the librarians at Qatar Academy (we have 3 libraries) and I use you as a working example of what it means to be an information specialist in the 21st century. Thank you!

  5. Joyce, thanks for the k12 online conference, I can’t wait to attend online and I loved the teasers- it will be awesome to find out even more about 2.0 and what can be utilized in the library and classrooms.

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