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Guest blogger: My student teacher reflects

For the past three weeks I’ve had a student teacher.  Margie spent time at one of our elementary schools, and our middle school, before joining me at the high school.  I wondered about her impressions of our district.  I wondered what practice looked like to her after the classrooms of her LIS program.  I asked […]

Edublogs Awards 2007! Vote and discover

Each year (for the past three or so) I discover some of my favorite educational resources at this annual event highlighting the best education blogs and wikis of the year.  You will too.  You’ll discover voices inspire your own practice, models for curricular projects, and professional development inspiration for your faculty.  You’ll find, and be […]

Database searches and RSS feeds

I’ve known for a while that I could set up email alerts for those database searches I do on a regular basis, but I just discovered that EBSCO will also let me set up an RSS feed.  You find that lovely, little orange box, right on the top of the results page. Yippee!  This discovery […]

They came back

I was in on the beginning of our school’s involvement in the Classrooms for the Future grant.  Governor Rendell’s high school reform program is about about creating 21st century learning environments and: is designed to ensure there are laptops in public high school English, math, science and social studies classrooms across Pennsylvania. From the beginning, […]

2.0 Reality Check: The Next IF Front

Those of you who most need to read this post will not be able to read it at school. This week was a bit of a wake up call for me. I traveled to upstate New York to discuss evidence-informed practice and 2.0 tools.  I discovered that for many of the librarians up there, these […]

New AASL Task Force–Ideas?

I am honored to be chairing the new AASL 2.0 Task Force–a wonderful, very smart group of people. Our task is “to scan the 2.0 environment for effective participation by AASL, develop guidelines for and create an AASL 2.0 presence, and make recommendations for its continuity.” We welcome your ideas to guide the work of […]

typoGenerator for your wiki logos

Just a little tip this time. Last night as I searched for another cute little image for what must be my hundredth wiki, I stumbled upon typoGenerator.  It does what I cannot do with my less-than-average Photoshop skills, it transforms text into something sort of attractive. Now, after three or four tries with the generator, […]

Lessons in cool?

Sometimes I feel so uncool. I am still sorting out a lesson I either taught or learned late last week.  One of my colleagues was out sick for the beginning of a project that involved students assessing the accuracy of a feature film relating to American history.   In addition to a presentation discussing their findings, […]

New resources from the Partnership

Today, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, launched Route 21, a resource kit that: showcases how 21st century skills can be supported through standards, assessments, professional development, curriculum and instruction and learning environments. The site represents the first comprehensive, go-to online resource for high-quality content, best practices, relevant reports, articles and research to assist practitioners […]

Our VoiceThread Love-in (and something to worry about)

Last Wednesday night I co-guested on Teachers Teaching Teachers with VoiceThread’s co-founders Ben Papell and Steve Muth.  Please listen to this podcast. Ben and Steve, best friends from junior high, had no idea how viral their project would become among educators and were delighted by the love they experienced in the webcast and in the […]