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High and low tech holidays at the Valenzas

Sorry, I disappeared for a bit–a flu-like thing, two holidays, some politics I cannot yet discuss–blocked the blogging habit.


With everyone now home, the last couple of days have been a lovely mix of high and low-tech activities.


Two days ago, Emily introduced me to Scrabulous as an app on my new FaceBook page.


I can see this is going to change three things.


    * It will absolutely keep me in better touch with my daughter (and, it seems, my son).

    * It will lead me into a deeper exploration of FaceBook.

    * It will feed my need to play the game no one at home wants to play with me. (Frankly, I never find time to sit down and play an entire game, but this playing-in-spurts approach may be just what I always needed.)


Hint: I’d love to be invited into a few other games in the new year.


Matthew had a blast sharing new compositions made with my newly updated version of GarageBand. I spent the past two days updating, refurbishing, and de-virusing my PC laptop to give Dennis. It’s his very first, and he’ll use it to finally enjoy our wireless and learn the ropes of iTunes.


But this particular morning had a distinctly low-tech feel.


We are enjoying cooking together, being in a crowded kitchen with personalities harmonizing and clashing is a reminder of why it is so nice to come home. The kids are eating the many treats we’ve been trying to avoid all year. Decapitating gingerbread men is particularly satisfying. Emily (darn it!) introduced me to Voges Haute Chocolat, a recommondation from her friend, Dana, a chocolatier and chocolate blogger.


I had a wonderful time at the book store this month and so did Emily. As I write, everyone here is reading. Emily got Dad (or Matt) the Igguldens’ Dangerous Book for Boys. We are all listening to occasional excerpts. Dennis is skimming through Jeff Shaara’s The Rising Tide, Jeffrey Toobin’s The Nine, and Korda’s new biography, Ike: An American Hero. Emily is browsing through and looking forward to plowing through Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy at nearly 1500 pages. I’ve been drooling over the pictures and making big plans to cook everything in Nigela Express. And everything looks so cookable!


And now off to make a belated batch of latkes to bring to the Valenza Christmas dinner.


Happy holidays to all.

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Joyce is an Assistant Professor of Teaching at Rutgers University School of Information and Communication, a technology writer, speaker, blogger and learner. Follow her on Twitter: @joycevalenza


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