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Coming of Age 2.0: It’s Coming Soon

Coming of Age 2.0 is on its way.  You can peek by viewing commercials for the upcoming chapters.  Current commercials are by Cheryl Oakes and Bob Sprankle, by Chris Smith, by Joel Yuvienco, and by me and my colleague Ken Rodoff.  Judging from the number of chapter contributors listed at the Coming of Age Ning, […]

MIT Launches OpenCourseWare for High School

Please share this with your high school science and math teachers and anyone else not yet convinced of the magic of the open source movement. For some time now, I’ve been sharing the wealth of curricular resources made available throught the OER (Open Educational Resources) Commons portal where educators from K12 through grad school so […]

On farmers and ranchers and librarians and teachers and tech folk

The farmer and the cowman should be friends, Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends. One man likes to push a plough, the other likes to chase a cow, But that’s no reason why they cain’t be friends. Territory folks should stick together, Territory folks should all be pals.                 […]

Videos from

Check out these two videos from the Canadian Indigo Foundation: Indigo – Love of Reading Commercial Writing on the Wall – Indigo Love of Reading Video

About farmers and ranchers and librarians and tech admins

In the classic musical Oklahoma!, a community social descends into a brawl between farmers and ranchers as actors mockingly sing one of the show’s refrains: "the farmer and the cowman should be friends." According to Wikipedia, this subplot beyond the musical’s lovely romance, reveals the: tension that comes from the farmer’s desire to protect their […]

Virtual teaching grows affective

New Zealand computer scientists announced the development of Easy with Eve,  an online "affective" tutoring system (ATS).  Eve’s developer, Hossein Sarrafzadeh at the Auckland-based Institute of Information and Mathematical Sciences,  notes that the realisation that software systems would significantly improve performance if they could adapt to the emotions of the user has spawned research and […]

‘Tis the season: tips for integrity

I found this post via Diane Cordell’s tweet on Twitter this weekend. The popular blog Lifehacks, recently presented Advice for Students: How NOT to Plagiarize.  Contributing editor, anthropology and women’s studies Professor Dustin M. Wax, lists ten very practical tips for college students that might speak well to our high school students who may be […]