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Conference packing–shoes and accessories

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The SLJ blog folks believe that my blog is doing well, but that it might be enhanced by video of the interesting events and people I meet at conferences. 

I decided to begin with the stress I experience pre-conference.

Tonight, I packed.  Well, I am nearly packed.  I spare you my painful dress decisions, but I will share my shoe and accessory deliberations. 

Where am I going?  Tomorrow, after school, I leave for Harrisburg for our state legislative breakfast and then it’s down the road to Hershey for PSLA.

Look for more exciting coverage from Pennsylvania as the week progresses!

(Note: If you look carefully, you’ll see that cute polka dot dress and red jacket hanging in the closet at the end of the video.)

Joyce Valenza About Joyce Valenza

Joyce is an Assistant Professor of Teaching at Rutgers University School of Information and Communication, a technology writer, speaker, blogger and learner. Follow her on Twitter: @joycevalenza


  1. Jane Hyde says:

    Joyce — Your blog is great, as always, and the videos will be good, but I have to complain about the time the site takes to load. Can’t SLJ do a better job for us busy people? I’m certainly not inclined to explore or subscribe to any more of the blogs hosted here. Are you aware of this issue? Just my two-cents’ worth.

  2. infolibrarian says:

    Your video is the same conversation going on in my own head…. Shoes… can I walk in them? Do I dare buy something new to take with me?? I hear the MALL calling me..
    I only have one presentation and I am stressing… four presentations. Good Luck with the clothing choices. Can’t wait to see what you will be wearing at PSLA…. Mardy


    Ha Ha!! Tell SLJ their hanging on by a thread BECAUSE your blog is here. I still cannot stand the partial feed in my reader! I still wish the comments had a feed, because I always forget to come back and see what others say.

    Glasses? I ditched mine totally after eye surgery. Yes they have the cute factor, but the “lose” factor cost me much more money! 🙂

    It seems you could take almost anything since you are driving.

    This was cute, but cute videos are not the answer to the SLJ blogs not having the traffic or participation.

    I wish they’d get it.

    Have fun this week and knock their socks off. You’ll be GREAT!

  4. Kathy Ishizuka says:

    Maroon shoes, bags inside bags, yes! Great tips, Joyce, thanks. Though I can’t rock those wrap dresses like you do.

  5. Nancy Everhart says:

    Joyce, I hope you give us an update when you get back and show us what you bought at the Hershey outlets. Another hazard of driving. That shopping trip with you and Sara was one of my all time conference highlights. You are a great shopping buddy!

  6. joycevalenza says:

    Nancy, that was a wonderful day. I tried on a suit for YOU at Kaspar today. Kathy, I’ll bet you do rock those dresses! Catherine, the folks in charge are reading your comments!

  7. Brian Kenney says:

    Joyce, haven’t you ever heard of BEIGE? But then again, you’re not exactly the neutral type…

  8. Brian Kenney says:

    Joyce, haven’t you ever heard of BEIGE? But then again, you’re not exactly the neutral type…

  9. Jennifer Garcia says:

    Joyce I couldn’t stop smiling when I watched this video. It is so real and although it may sound fluffy to some this is what women have to go through each time they go away for any extended period of time. I hope you blew them away at the conferences.

  10. Sara Kelly Johns says:

    Oh, I missed being at PSLA (though the NY SLMS Conference was great, too, just at the same time)! You KNOW I go through the same decisions and thought processes you do about packing; who wants to worry about clothes AT the conference? All the worrying has to happen ahead of time…and then that luggage has to be schlepped…but it seems to be better to have more than less…IMHO, anyway. Hugs, Sara

  11. joycevalenza says:

    Sara, the outlet mall was not the same without you! Missed you very much. Sorely needed your wardrobe advice.

  12. Deb Logan says:

    Every time I pack I wonder if I have lost my mind as I agonize over shoes and such. I now know that if it is a form of insanity, I am in great company.
    I will be thinking about this as I pack for ALA. Thanks!
    Have a GREAT time at NECC.

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