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PicLits: Visually inspiring creative writing

Several folks from my Twitter network were talking about PicLits today, so I thought I’d take a look.  (By Terry Friedlander, Founder & Creative Head of State, of This creative writing site allows users to match beautiful images with carefully selected keywords in order to inspire you. The object is to put the right […]

Go play with GoAnimate

Okay, it seems I’ve fallen in love with yet another 2.0 tool.  Play this. You’ve already heard me rave about the potential of the other toon-makers in storytelling and learning.  By now, you’ve likely played with: ToonDoo Bubblr Makebeliefscomix Pow! GoAnimate takes toon-making a number of steps forward with its ability to add movements, music, […]

It’s not a contest but . . .

   I just came across All a Twitter, an article in the July issue of SLJ.  It is truly a wonderful introduction to one of my very favorite ways to keep up and one of the easiest ways to build a professional learning network. In fact, I wish I’d written it myself.  A side bar […]

Library as domestic metaphor

Is your library a grocery store or a kitchen? Today, when I entered our library for the first official time following summer break, I considered how I really want my library to evolve.  What is its metaphor?  Seeking a metaphor, my mind wandered back to a panel session presented by ALA’s Office of Information Technology […]

It’s coming around again: Banned Books Week

   "FREADOM" By Roger Roth ALA Banned Book Week Support Kit In the midst of all the election and Olympics hoopla, we may need a little reminder of another big event. Banned Books Week is coming around again, September 27th through October 4th.  For many of us, it will be the basis for our first […]

Wiki of wiki examples

If your position is anything like mine, you’ll likely be involved in planning a few 2.0 inservices this fall.  And if your colleagues are anything like mine, they’ll want examples of these 2.0 tools in action. Examples of educational wikis is a cool space for learning about and sharing the potential for wikis in learning.   […]

My condo for a paper clip: or the effect of Kindle freeze on one particular vacationer

I really tried.  The goal was a tech-lite vacation.  And though I brought my laptop along on our family’s island vacation, my plan was not to use it for more than emergencies and an occasional mail check (and for the free wireless I knew I’d find during our Charlotte layovers.) I was doing pretty well, […]

NewsCred for aggregrating and thinking about media literacy

NewsCred, a slightly different, slightly more 2.0 approach to aggregating current news, launched today in public beta.  It appears to have truly nifty media literacy potential.  It also packs powerful convenience punch.  I’ll likely share this one with those teachers who glaze over when they hear me even whisper the letters RSS. Here’s how the […]

Resources for election 2.0

When you think about it, this election will look (or should) like no other in the classroom.  We can study it differently.  We can engage our learners in new ways.  We can poll.  We can push.  We can blog.  We can comment. We can explore a wider array of perspectives. We can share our ideas, […]

Freepath–a tool a librarian (and a teacher and a presenter and a student) can love

Every once in a while a new tool makes me almost want to be a PC user.  Take Freepath, launched yesterday in public beta. Although Free Path (darn it!) will not run on my MacBook Pro (without running the Windows OS), it appears to have fine potential for the classroom and for all those media-rich […]