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Print What You Like

Julie Lindsay shared this site this morning on Twitter.  It’s a greener compromise for the many of us who work in labs with learners who love to print. It allows the print happy to remove ads and other content from websites and it allows us to save a little on ink and paper. Now in […]

What box?

I love it when seemingly disconnected ideas converge.  When this happens, I walk away with new clarity and new purpose. A casual conversation in the airport this week sparked my latest convergence of ideas about boxes. Here’s what happened: I discovered a new and very different place to get a bite in Philly International–a little […]

There’s got to be a better way

It’s 1:30.  I have spent much of this day in database training.  I am training in databases I have known and loved for nearly 15 years.  I have another hour and a half to go.  I don’t know why I am here looking at screen shots of sources I use every day of my life.  […]

Now embeddable: Google Books!

GBS_insertEmbeddedViewer(‘DHkIMoOUac4C’,400,300); How cool is this?  If you wait a minute, you’ll see that you can now read Alice in Wonderland directly on my little blog.  I’ve been playing around with creating a collection of fulltext classics on our Virtual Library for a little while now. Today I discovered, we can embed books–available fulltext or previews–from […]

Curriki gets noticed (and other 2.0 curriculm efforts)

When I began my K12 experience, after several years in other types of libraries, I was surprised to find that some teachers locked their file cabinets.  Some of the teachers and teacher-librarians I met were seriously protective of their curriculum and learning activities.  They owned their schtick and they weren’t about to share it. Times […]

Research transparency: Shifting from blogs to wikis?

Which tool should I use?  It is a question I hear nearly every day from our teachers.  Last year, just around this time, I blogged about our efforts to blog the research process.  That worked pretty well for our seniors’ culminating research efforts, their Senior Sem projects.  In fact, I thought it worked real well. […]

Meet me in SL tonight: a 2.0 discussion

Join me and Lisa Perez tonight (9/16) at 8 PM Eastern in Second Life for a discussion: Web 2.0 Technologies and the Library. This discussion is the first of our SIGMS / AASL learning community meetings.  We will discuss preferred Web 2.0 and learning – what works, the issues, the librarian’s role.  Some questions we […]

PageFlakes as Current Events Pathfinders

In July, I began playing around with gadget/widget-based information portals as alternatives to textbooks.  I absolutely love iGoogle and plan to continue to work with our classes as students set up individual information portals, but sometimes a librarian just has to broadcast to the universe and there’s no time to enter the email of every […]

GoAnimate: Laura’s example

I shared my excitement for GoAnimate in a post earlier this week, but my example was truly feeble. Please take a look at Laura D’Elia’s little masterpiece on what we do to students who lose their books.  Thank you, Laura, for sharing the potential!  Thank you also for sharing such a positive response to our […]

Free! Described and Captioned Media Program

In our excitement about using media of all sorts in our classrooms, we may not always think about how all our students access and process media. I just received a news release from the Described and Captioned Media Program (administered by the National Association of the Deaf and funded by the US Department of Education). […]