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Simply Books launches!

On Thursday, Judy O’Connell (aka the amazing blogger, and thinker, and trailblazing 2.0 librarian, Hey Jude) launched Simply Books with her colleagues at St. Joseph’s College. Judy describes her mission for the new interactive site in her blog: Our focus is to promote reading and good literature, as well as providing links and information about […]

SL for TLs: Time to get your avatar’s feet wet

(Doug Johnson’s Fair Use presentation in SL, 4/14/08) Lisa Perez (aka Elaine Tulip) posted this exciting opportunity on ISTE’s SIGMS list yesterday.  If you’ve been hesitant (or even downright scared) to learn about or join this flourishing virtual world, or if you want to further explore its potential for our profession, this is your time. […]

Flowgram: another amazing digital storytelling tool!

My Twitter network was abuzz again yesterday with yet another tool for online presentation and digital storytelling.  After you register for a free account, Flowgram allows you to: Talk about your photos Import from Facebook and Flickr then add your voice. Bring your blog to life Why just post a static link when you can […]

Mygazines: (un)guilty pleasure? presents a huge variety of scanned popular and trades magazines in a lovely flipbook format.  Jacquie Henry cautiously pointed to this site on LM_NET today.  And I was a kid in a candy store.  (Albeit, one who knew far too much about nutrition.) For a magazine junky, this is heaven. Once in a magazine, […]