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YouTube Jr.?: Totlol

It looks like YouTube recently spawned.  I just discovered Totlol.  If you work or live with young children, you’ll want to check it out too. Aimed at the under 13 set, the portal is community moderated. Totlol is an independent website. It was created by Ron, father of two from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. First […]

Free tech tutorials: TeacherTrainingVideos

In her tweet this morning, Judy O’Connell pointed to an impressive collection of  free Web tutorials.  Teacher Training Videos, created by Russell Tannard (using Camtasia screen capture software), cover a variety of  new tools for the classroom and are handy for personal catch-up, as well as for helping groups of fellow educators retool. Videos are […]

Fair Use Code of Practice coming very soon!

I’ve been waiting for November 11th. The date marks the release of The Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education.  (You may remember my blog post on the project a few months back.) Not long ago, a similar code of practice was developed to aid filmmakers apply Fair Use to their […]

Playing with Boolify’s search training wheels

A couple of days ago, Kate (see last post), introduced me to Boolify, a project of the Public Learning Media Laboratory.  Still in Beta, the tool puts a sturdy pair of search training wheels on Google and might be just what the young searcher needs. Boolify is designed to teach elementary and middle school students […]

Field experience reflections from Kate

This is Kate.  Today she spent her last day with me as a intern.  I asked her to reflect on her six weeks at Springfield.  Kate shared what she learned and what she wished she had known prior to her field experience. Admittedly, I came to library science and school media from a background differing […]

David Loertscher in SL: Reinventing School Libraries

If you’re like me, you are continually thinking about what’s next, for our profession and for the learners we serve. Every conversation I have ever had with the phenomenal David Loertscher (whom I consider a mentor), forces me to further consider and often to refine or rethink my vision.  Don’t miss this opportunity to meet […]

On finding Twitter buddies: Twitter4Teachers

When people react against using Twitter for social networking, it’s usually because it takes time to build that network.  It takes time to discover whose Tweets you’ll value or enjoy. A new wiki can help.  Twitter4Teachers began less than a week ago, and was created, as far as I can tell, by Gina.  (Please let […]

Brave New Classroom 2.0: A New Forum

Brave New Classroom 2.0, the next in a series of Britannica Blog forums, begins on Monday (October 20th) and I’ve just been asked to be an official commentator. You might want to follow the discussion and comment as well. The description itself screams library! The new classroom is about information, but not just information. It’s […]

K12 Online Conference: Don’t miss it!

In the ed tech universe, many of us have been awaiting this year’s K12 Online Conference: Amplifying Possibilities. This is a conference by educators for educators around the world interested in integrating emerging technologies into classroom practice. A goal of the conference is to help educators make sense of and meet the needs of a […]

Hulu: My latest (not so guilty) pleasure

Permit me a post that may have little pedagogical value.  (You might file this one with my post on my other guilty pleasure, Mygazines.) I find myself unable to stick to the kind of schedule that allows me to watch my favorite television shows when they air.  I never got around to buying TiVo.  Most […]