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Tools for Group Projects

Discovering Rated Colleges’ 50 Fabulous Tools for Group Projects this morning reminded me of how differently we operate or might operate these days.  I’ve used a whole bunch of these tools and it’s nice to see them conveniently grouped together.

It occurred to me that though I often use these apps to collaboratively organize professional activities and projects, I don’t do nearly enough modeling. 

We can easily share these tools with students to help them organize their own learning projects; their club, team, and extracurricular activities.

Among the tools most useful to share with students:

  • Google Calendar: Share events, edit schedules and stay organized using this online calendar.
  • TimetoMeet: This online meeting tool synchronizes with online calendars. (An essential for planning meeting times. Love it!)
  • GroupTweet: Create a group Twitter account with this tool. (Possibly for backchanneling during films, lectures, author visits?)
  • Flickr: Organize and manipulate photo projects with Flickr. (We already use this for archiving and sharing student art and student life.)
  • Google Docs: Share and edit documents and spreadsheets online. (Of course, for collaborating on documents and presentations! Those new templates rock!)
  • Wridea: Organize your brainstorming on Wridea, which has tabs for themes, ideas and more. (I am eager to try this one!)
  • Jumpcut: Use Jumpcut as a place to store, edit and share movies. (Handy for quit edits especially if you don’t own a commercial film editing program.)
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