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Lovely new ebooks from our government!

With budgets tight, this afternoon’s tweet from (another to consider following!) may be particularly welcome.  The GPO now offers free ebooks on American life in multiple languages! Among the recently added titles: American Popular Music Abraham Lincoln: A Legacy of Freedom Dreams of Edgar Allan Poe Free at Last: The U.S. Civil Rights Movement […]

On kids who can memorize

I am home today working with television as my background noise. I just watched another of those segments that I often see on Ellen and Oprah.  This one, on the Today Show.  Because of the news of the President’s new pet, the show featured a segment with a little girl who had memorized all the […]

In my network confession . . .On being PLNtrenched

(With apologies to the Grass Roots.) I want all my colleagues to have them.  I speak about them with awe and admiration at conferences.  And I probably browbeat those who are without them into being with them. But lately, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I find that I am thinking […]

In Virginia, K12 Joins ITunes U

THE Journal recently featured an article of exciting news for K12 teachers and administrators (and librarians, of course). The Commonwealth of Virginia launched a new educational portal: Virginia on iTunes U. I’ve written a lot here about open access to educational content. (See my recent posts on Academic Earth, YouTubeEDU.)  But most of the stuff […]

New children’s ebook goodness–for readers & writers

I’ve been mourning the disappearence of LookyBook for a few weeks now.  And so I was especially thrilled to discover MonarchLibrary’s (aka Keisa Williams, a good choice for elementary librarians to follow) tweet about BigUniverse today. The site is not only reading and sharing fiction and nonfiction children’s e-picture books, it is also a tool […]

GameEd 411

Don’t you love it when someone develops a wiki to gather together and organize materials you really need before you even realize you needed them?  Librarians tend to do that. A big thanks to the good folks at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES School Library System in Rochester, New York for creating GameEd 411, a wiki for […]

The Week in Rap

Looking for a way to add flava to current events?  (I know, Joyce, stop trying to talk hip-hop.) Gwyneth Jones recently pointed to The Week in Rap on our TeacherLibrarianNetwork. Week in Rap 4.3.09 from Week in Rap on Vimeo. Created by Flocabulary (devoted to hip-hop in the classroom) and written by Flocabulary artists, each […]

Medpedia: a 2.0 platform for health

My reference classes @ Days of Yore Library School, taught me to be especially careful recommending sources medical and legal.  My current experience tells me to be careful, but to help as students, users, and patients navigate and triangulate. My back-in-the-day experience in creating professional health databases convinced me of the critical need for immediate […]

Tools for Group Projects

Discovering Rated Colleges’ 50 Fabulous Tools for Group Projects this morning reminded me of how differently we operate or might operate these days.  I’ve used a whole bunch of these tools and it’s nice to see them conveniently grouped together. It occurred to me that though I often use these apps to collaboratively organize professional […]