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CNET’s List of Twitter Search Sites

In his blog this morning, Rafe Needleman of CNET posted an impressive list of search tools for Twitter.  It forced me to realize the puniness of my own Twitter search list, which, as a result, is now seriously pumped up.

If you are hooked on searching for more dynamic, more real-time content, don’t miss these three selected by Needleman as top alternatives to Twitter’s own standby,

twazzup CNETs List of Twitter Search Sites  twazzup2 CNETs List of Twitter Search Sites

Twazzup offers columns of algorithmically generated results such as most influential tweeters on a topic, related photos, and a great list of keywords based on your search results that you can use to refine your query.

scoopla CNETs List of Twitter Search Sites

Collecta scans Twitter and many other sources, including mainstream media sites (CNN, etc.) and blogs. Its best features are its super-clean and simple interface, and the fact that it lets you run multiple searches at once, so it’s great for monitoring a bunch of topics during the day.

scoopler CNETs List of Twitter Search Sites  scooplerrealiran CNETs List of Twitter Search Sites

Scoopler combines raw chronological results with a column of results ranked by popularity.

Needleman lists quite a few more cool tools:

Twitalyzer Search


If you are gearing up to use Twitter with your students and teachers, Needleman’s post is a must-read!

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  1. Carolyn Foote says:

    Thanks for the tips–hadn’t seen those resources!

    I like checking out the Shorty awards for best Twitterers in different categories-gives you an interesting array of who is online.

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