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A video taste of ALA! (The book side)

It may be hard to believe, but for me ALA wasn’t all research presentations and smackdowns and committee meetings.

I wanted to share just a little more of my other ALA experience, especially those experiences relating to books.  So here’s a little video taste.

Here’s Neil Gaiman on why writers write, as he accepted the Newbery award for The Graveyard Book:

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Here’s Ashley Bryan, winner of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award, creating family through poetry and sharing his first experience with book making:

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This next video is just a little taste of the wonderful dinner hosted by Simon & Schuster celebrating the publication of Mac Barnett’s Brixton Brothers: The Case of Mistaken Identity.  What better theme for our dinner than a murder mystery, investigated by the august Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, Jon Scieszka?

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No video of this one, but here’s a reprise photograph of me and friends Sara and Erika with the super talented, charming, and adorable Christopher Myers.

Why a reprise?   I wish I could remember which ALA it was, but I have a wonderful memory of dancing with Chris at another conference way, way back.  (Help would be welcome here.)

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Joyce is the teacher-librarian at Springfield Township High School, a technology writer, and a blogger. Follow her on Twitter: @joycevalenza


  1. Kristin says:

    Loved the Brixton Brothers book, even without going to the party! Looking forward to sharing it with my students this fall.

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