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Animoto goes a little viral

This week, Animoto went a little viral at our high school.  The eighth graders completed music videos of their selected summer reads.  Prior to reading To Kill a Mockingbird, the 10th grade researched the history of the 1930s and began creating videos to express the feel of the times using images from the America From […]

Do schools still need brick-and-mortar libraries?

I received my copy of ISTE’s Learning & Leading with Technology in the mail this weekend and I found the editors’ two selected answers to that question that has been bouncing around the ISTE Ning for a while: Do schools still need brick-and-mortar libraries? Here’s the full question: Google has settled the lawsuits and is […]

Google Social Search: new in Labs

One of the latest tools to enter Google’s beta area, Labs, is Google Social Search. Now, when you do a Google search, the same Show Options button that gives us the lovely TimeLine and Wonder wheel and Related search features, allows us to see what our own network has to say about that search topic. […]

Richard Byrne’s Beyond Google: Improve Your Search Results

Beyond Google – 15 Tools and Strategies for Improving Your Web Search Results – Don’t miss Beyond Google: 15 Tools and Strategies for Better Web Search Results!  I wish I created this one myself, but thank you, thank you Richard Byrne for posting such a lovely embeddable guide.  The attractive, 7-page online booklet is a […]

Apple store Over the past few weeks I’ve had to make multiple trips to my local Apple store to pick up this, that, and the other. I’m the typical guy in that I when I go shopping I don’t actually “shop.” I go in, get what I need, and get out as fast as possible. At […]

AASL: A geek packing list and more

Okay, so I may not be feeling the NASCAR references as much as my fellow committee members, but I do REALLY have Charlotte on my mind and I hope that many of you are growing as excited about AASL09 Charlotte as I am.  Please get connected with our conference before you board the plane (or […]

Charlotte on my mind

Here’s a little preview of aasl2009.  Please share and embed!

touching some nerves

Most days this sleepy, little blog gets so few comments that I tend to forget that people might be reading, that the words I throw out are actually being caught by anyone. This week things got a little louder.  The cover story I wrote with Doug Johnson, Things That Keep Us Up at Night, and […]

How to retool yourself–a roadmap of at least 14 ways

From the emails and comments I am getting recently, it is really clear that folks in our field are in need of a professional development roadmap that is independent of whatever our local districts do or do not provide. Let’s celebrate and share these rich and mostly free strategies: 1. The Common Craft In Plain […]

My 2.0 day and the response/rant about our cover argument

The one thing that I have seen over the years that hasn’t changed is that when students come into the library media center today….just like 40 years ago, they still want a friendly face, a helping hand, and the path of least resistance. I wonder where it all all be in another 10 years. (Arthur […]