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AccessMyLibrary School Edition

Last week I wrote about Gale’s AccessMyLibrary iPhone app.  (The blue one.)  Nice. It got me into the Gale resources held by our public library. 

Yesterday I discovered that the AccessMyLibrary School Edition app (the green one), is now available at the app store.   Hooray!  Here’s the official Gale Press Release.

Here’s how it works:
1. Locate the AccessMyLibrary app at the App Store (it’s the green one).
2. Install the free app.
3. select your state
4. select your school (call your representative if your school is not yet listed)
5. enter the remote access code
6. access your databases and ebooks 24/7 wherever you are!

Today I tested it with a few students and faculty members who were kind of overwhelmed when they saw some of their favorite databases and ebooks right on their mobile devices.  

Okay, so I was the one who was most overwhelmed.  But hey, the response was pretty fabulous and I expect this is going to be very sticky. 

Here’s a taste of what it looked like:

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Joyce Valenza About Joyce Valenza

Joyce is an Assistant Professor of Teaching at Rutgers University School of Information and Communication, a technology writer, speaker, blogger and learner. Follow her on Twitter: @joycevalenza


  1. GaleCengage says:

    We’re so glad your students are enjoying the app, Joyce! We’ve gotten great response so far and seeing it in action with students is just great. Great video!

  2. Dissertation writers says:

    I have, after reading your post, introduced this app in my class and thanks a lot for sharing this, as my students are really enjoying the app.

  3. When I introduced this to a couple of classes, most of my students said they don’t have iPhones because they’re too expensive. They do have other brands of smart phones. Will this be available on other smartphones soon?

  4. Introduced this to my teachers today (after Gale added Hawaii to the list of states and they love it.) I’m sure students will also love it when I have the chance to show them.

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