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Library of Congress Rules YouTube Remixes are Legal!

In addition to declaring it legal for iPhone users to jailbreak their mobile devices, earlier this week, on July 26th, the United States Copyright Office also ruled that it is NOT a violation of  Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) for remixers to use copyrighted video excerpts from DVDs for the purpose of criticism or comment. […]

SearchCredible and a few other academic search tools

A little while back, I came across SearchCredible, a handy aggregator of the more academic search tools. Though SearchCredible doesn’t allow you to search all the search engines simultaneously, it presents a sweet menu of options your students may not consider, or remember to consider, in their academic search lives. Among the choices presented: Scirus […]

Spezify, a big-picture visual seach

I recently discovered the visual search engine, Spezify.  And I think many of my students will enjoy its attractive display and unique features, especially at the beginning of the search process. Officially launched on June 15th, Spezify attempts to present a big picture view with a display that seems to continually fills with screenshots gathered […]

On digital publishing (chapter 2)

In a recent post I shared a few new options for student book creation. Another strategy for publishing is a very simple one, one that allows us to take documents originally published quietly in traditional formats–Word, PowerPoint, PDF, XLS–into more dynamic, more polished, flippable, zoomable, scalable, and embeddable Web publications.  Most reproduce the feeling of […]

Only Two Clicks and Weblist: For presentations, lessons, pathfinders

At the BLC Conference this week in Boston, David Jakes introduced me to Only Two Clicks and I can’t believe I didn’t discover this three-year-old project earlier.  It presents all the sites you plan to share as handy clickable thumbnails on a start page. Here’s the start page I am getting together for a workshop […]

On Digital Book Publishing (chapter 1)

Over the past few years, our students have been granted new opportunities to tell and share their own stories.  Students who write and publish, hone their communication skills and contribute their emerging creative voices to our world.  We can nurture young writers by providing them the tools they need to create. Among the various subsets […]

Journal of Media Literacy Education (JMLE)

Frank Baker recently wrote to point me to The Journal of Media Literacy Education. This is one journal that ought to be on all TL’s reading lists and it is one we should bring to the attention of our partner teachers and administrators to inform both our study and our practice. Sponsored by members of the […]

Elementary Library Routines: The Back Story

I asked Keisa Williams (@keisawilliams) if she’d mind sharing a little about how Elementary Library Routines, that cool new crowd-sourcing wiki I blogged about the other day, got off the ground. Her story reveals the power of our growing tribe to collaborate and empower . . .

Elementary Library Routines: a new community of practice wiki

The wonderful elementary librarians out there are getting very wiki.  Elementary Library Routines is a new space for this particular community of practice to engage in knowledge sharing relating to effective practice. The site explains: This wiki was born from a short Twitter conversation and the admiration of the work of Harry Wong. Please add […]

Mrs. P’s Magic Library

My Twitter buddies pointed me to Mrs. P’s Magic Library today.  Mrs. P. hosts: an award-winning FREE interactive digital storybook destination.  Classic children’s stories brought to life by TV star Kathy Kinney as Mrs. P. You may best remember Kathy Kinney as Mimi Bobeck on The Drew Carey Show. Using Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube, […]