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Glogster plays even nicer with Wikispaces (and vice versa)

My colleague, Kevin, just stopped in with a cool poster project for his German class.

He asked me for advice in embedding widgets onto his class wiki.

I started to explain that he needed to tell the students to select other in the embed options, when he shared with me that he noticed a poster embed option in Wikispaces.  What a lovely surprise!

Here’s what the process looks like now:

Don’t you just love it when everyone plays nice together!  Thank you, friends at and Wikispaces!

Joyce Valenza About Joyce Valenza

Joyce is the teacher-librarian at Springfield Township High School, a technology writer, and a blogger. Follow her on Twitter: @joycevalenza


  1. Karen Kliegman says:

    I love glogster, but I often find it is slow and clunky when creating one. Anyone else have this problem?

  2. I think if your videos are large that could be a problem. I click the “use it” button for everything I want to use first then go about editing it and forming it into a glog. I find that if I have everything that I want to upload and all ahead of time, it goes swiftly.
    Good luck

  3. Oh my God. This is exactly what I was searching for several days and I have eventually found what I need. I really needed help this information has really helped me and I am very happy now. Thank you so much.

  4. Fernando says:

    I’m trying to do something like that but i want to place al the thumbnails of my students glogster in the same page. I have a edu.glogster account and my students has made tematic glogster. How can i do this? Thankx.

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