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Share with all your STEM friends!

Edheads, is a free nonprofit organization located in central Ohio, providing free, educational online games focused on science, math, and critical thinking.  And their standards-aligned sims, designed for grades 2 through 12 and beyond, reinforce and inspire STEM-type learning.  Share these with science, tech, and math teachers before they leave for summer break!

stemcells 300x257 Share with all your STEM friends!

Each simulation delivers engaging interactive video background content and immerses learners into authentic, state-of-the-art career scenarios. Participants can print activity sheets along the way that allow them to record observations, data, and reflections as they might in a professional setting. Each activity comes with a Teacher’s Guide, glossary, and printables. Written transcripts appear below the video screens. The site also features a variety of career choice profiles.

The following activities are currently available:

Activity Title Grade Level Topics Covered
Simple Machines 2-6 Identification of simple and compound machines.
The Compound Machine 2-6 Compound machines, understanding/predicting forces.
Weather 4-9 Weather symbols, predict the weather.
Design a Cell Phone 5-8 Engineering design, charts and graphs, careers.
Deep Brain Stimulation 7-12+ Anatomy of the brain, Parkinson’s, careers.
Virtual Knee Surgery 7-12+ Anatomy of the knee, bones, careers.
Choose the Prosthetic 7-12+ Critical thinking, anatomy of the knee.
Virtual Hip Replacement 7-12+ Anatomy of the hip, careers.
Virtual Hip Resurfacing 7-12+ Anatomy of the hip, careers.
Crash Scene 9-12+ Forensics, physics, trigonometry, critical thinking, careers.
Create a Stem Cell Line 10-12+ Stem cell basics, vocabulary.
Stem Cell Transplant 10-12+ Current application of stem cells, new research.
Stem Cell Heart Repair 10-12+ New research with stem cells, evaluating research.
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Joyce is the teacher-librarian at Springfield Township High School, a technology writer, and a blogger. Follow her on Twitter: @joycevalenza

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