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A few good scoops for us

I’ve been talking a lot about curating for and with students lately. As the curation movement gets stickier, more and more librarians and educators are joining.

So I tasked my very able practicum student Chrissy Sirianni to help me pick some Scoop.its to share, offering a taste of the kind of current awareness the tool provides for school library professionals.

Chrissy developed some informal criteria for inclusion:

  • score (measure of topic quality based on dynamism, depth, and audience engagement)
  • Currency of information (is somebody still actively curating?)
  • Content (if it is something we’re interested in!)

Here are our compiled suggestions:

Books and Reading

  • Libraries and Reading (42) Curated by Laura Speer Library news and ideas to consider as we anticipate and plan for change
  • Young Adult Books (52) Curated by Eric Bateman The latest news in books for teens and anybody who enjoys reading!
  • Boys and Reading (39) Curated by Heather Stapleton Tips, ideas and strategies to inspire boys to read.
  • eBooks and Reading (69) Curated by Nick Rate eBook news, trends and resources for use in schools
  • Readers Advisory For Secondary Schools (54) Curated by Marita Thomson Ways and means of supporting and developing young adult readers
  • Graphic novels in the classroom (45) Curated by dilaycock Resources to support teaching with graphic novels
  • Reading and Books for YA (63) Curated by Miffy Farquharson Reading and Books for YA is my passion and my life!
  • The History and Future of Reading (37) Curated by Joan Vinall-Cox Reading, as we have known it since the invention of the book, changed radically with the invention of the printing press and is changing ..
  • ebooks (36) Curated by CarmelG ebooks in K-12 schools
  • All Things Caldecott (32) Curated by Margie Culver  This topic covers those books that have won the Caldecott Award, been Caldecott Honor award winners or those books that are Caldecott worthy


Technology in Education

  • Educational Technology and Libraries (55) Curated by Kim Tairi In libraries we teach, we learn and many of us are early adopters of technology. This is your scoop on those things.
  • educational technology for teachers (78) Curated by Donna Browne What is new and helpful in the classroom
  • Technology in Education (63) Curated by Felix Jacomino Great resources for integrating technology and education with the 21st century, mobile learning student in mind
  • Technology Integration (67)  Curated by Robin SellersEDU Integrate technology in the classroom and across the curriculum from blogs, wikis, Office programs, interactive white boards, to subjects like art, music, writing, reading, and math
  • The 21st Century (83) Curated by Susan Bainbridge Implications for the Future, Social Media, OER, ICT Adaptation, Educational Technology.
  • Connectivism (72) Curated by Susan Bainbridge Are You Connected? Do You Know What It Means?
  • Digital scholar(ship) (67) Curated by antonella esposito Traces of change in research practices and digital environments
  • Digital Citizenship in Schools (74) Curated by Judy O’Connell Explore the concept and practice of digital citizenship.
  • Googling into a paperless world (73) Curated by kathy pryor Google and all the apps with the Google world
  • Learning in a Digital Age (65) Curated by DML Competition Future of thinking and learning in a digital age
  • Social Media, Web 2.0, Digital Scholarship (45) Curated by Mohsen Saadatmand Resources related to using networking technologies and digital tools in education and learning.
  • Transliteracy (46) Curated by Sue Thomas Transliteracy is the ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media from signing and orality through handwriting, print, TV, radio and film, to digital social networks.
  • Wikis for Education (69) Curated by Stephanie Sandifer How do we use wikis in the classroom, in professional learning, for productivity, and in education administration?
  • Transmedia: Storytelling for the Digital Age (84) Curated by The Digital Rocking Chair A look at the creative and technical world of immersive storytelling
  • Web 3.0 (64) Curated by Pierre Tran Futures of the Web : semantic web, symbiotic web, ubiquitous web, real time web, internet of things, machine to machine, linked data, web..
  • Digital Storytelling (71) Curated by José Carlos Digital Storytelling in education


Joyce Valenza About Joyce Valenza

Joyce is an Assistant Professor of Teaching at Rutgers University School of Information and Communication, a technology writer, speaker, blogger and learner. Follow her on Twitter: @joycevalenza


  1. Urania Beyer says:

    Hi Joyce,

    This is great stuff. I am going to try now.
    Thanks for sharing all that!

  2. Thank you, Joyce! As usual you’re ahead of the pack!

    I’m trying to add a page on curation to the WebTools4U2Use wiki of webtools for school library media programs (and classrooms). I’d like to invite you and your readers to participate in a short survey to identify the primary curation tools in use and how they are being used by teacher librarians.

    The survey can be found at and will be open for about 2 weeks. In addition, I’m looking for people willing to share examples and ideas on this wiki page

    THANKS again!

  3. Joyce–I’ve been turning over the curating craze and I appreciate these lists. However, and this is a big however, few have tags! As a librarian who “organizes” information for access, just having page after page of clips is not very useful unless you have time to browse. Some of these Scoop.its are many pages and no tags. Even the ones on librarianship. How really useful are these? There is no other way of organizing the information other than tags. If we just want to think of it as a really big tweet and just read the most recent posting, that is fine, but it is not a very good research tool, is it? The many kinds pathfinders, from pay to free, are much more useful. You can insert any of these kinds of clips into those. What am I missing? I would like to encourage any librarians curating to use the tags.

  4. Love this post Joyce, Chrissy did a great job and I am now following a few more curations—I couldn’t get into your InformationFluencyTransliteracy—–no access allowed.


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  2. […] A few good scoops for us « NeverEndingSearch […]

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