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Karen Bonanno’s ASLA Speech: We are far from an endangered species!

Tweeting it out yesterday was just not enough to highlight the brilliance of Karen Bonanno’s talk at the Australian School Library Association Conference: A Profession at the Tipping Point: Time to Change the Game Plan.

Some random nuggets you will take away: We are only an endangered species if we allow ourselves to be!  This is our tipping point.  It’s time to become visible.  Make sure your glass is at least half full. Begin with the end in mind. Make sure your rhetoric resonates with your audience. Get the invitations. Don’t do everything for everyone all the time. Network. Know your outcomes. Work with the people who will work with you. Develop your own elevator pitch–your 90-second core story, what you do for learners and teachers. It’s not about you.  The Jupiter Effect can be either a boom or a bust for us.  Feel yourself/use your words as you connect to new curricular standards.

But, perhaps most importantly, how to leave your audience with a message that will resonate for a long time.

Listen to Karen’s five finger plan to success, a model adapted from Trump, Kiyosaki and Burnett’s Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich-And Why Most Don’t.  Take half an hour and simply be inspired by both her message and her voice.

Karen’s Abstract:

The nationalisation of K-12 education in Australia has the potential to have a Jupiter Effect (prediction that an alignment of the planets would create a number of catastrophes) on school libraries and the profession. Government-driven initiatives and projects herald an education ‘two-speed economy’ for teacher librarians – boom or bust. The report, School libraries and teacher librarians in 21st century Australia, and data from 386 submissions and 13 public hearings provide sufficient evidence that school libraries and teacher librarianship are at a tipping point.  This address will present a view on the impact of the nationalisation of K-12 education and explore strategic directions for the profession and school libraries. What will be the future if you do not take charge of your own siesmic shift?

For other ASLA presentations, visit this slideshare group.

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  1. show was opened by Simon Munnery who I have heard twice before he opened for Stewart Lee last time I went to see him and spoke at the Enquiry conference as well. He was good as ever but doing the almost exact same

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