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The Picnik is over, but . . .

I’ve been mourning my beloved Picnik. the photo-editing tool that closed its basket and moved to the Google+ Creative Suite.  We can use Picnik there.picmonkey 300x219 The Picnik is over, but . . . When we’re there.

Happily, we have several other free options for when we’re not.

I am kinda falling in love with PicMonkey.  In addition to basic edits, you can add: overlays; text; cool effects; textures; a lovely array of frames; touch ups like blemish fix, wrinkle remover, weight loss, lip tint and much more!  And it’s so easy to use. And it’s so elegant.picmonkeyedit 300x213 The Picnik is over, but . . .

There’s also Aviary. Love it too!

Aviary, now replaces Picnik as Flickr’s default photo editor. (Click on Actions when you are looking at a Flickr photo.)  Aviary, of course, is really a Swiss-army knife tool kit.  Its image editor Phoenix, is a super-simple tool now designed to work with Google Drive.Aviaryscreen 300x208 The Picnik is over, but . . .

iPiccy looks very much like Picnik, with similar interface and features.  Very easy, very flexible.

ipiccy 300x230 The Picnik is over, but . . .

aviary ipiccy com picture 1 The Picnik is over, but . . .

photoshopexpress The Picnik is over, but . . .

PhotoShop Express Editor is not as robust as its premium older sister, but it is robust enough for us amateur photo editors.  It offers both editing and lovely decorating options.

photoedit 300x169 The Picnik is over, but . . .photoeditdecor 300x172 The Picnik is over, but . . .

Even more editors:






For even more fun with images, visit this LibGuide!

share save 171 16 The Picnik is over, but . . .
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Joyce is the teacher-librarian at Springfield Township High School, a technology writer, and a blogger. Follow her on Twitter: @joycevalenza


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