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I heard about bunceeEDU a few weeks back from a few PLN tweets and directly from my good buddy, Shannon Miller.

I’m kinda falling in love with both its usefulness, drag-and-drop easiness, and its serious adorableness.  The Edublogs Award finalist is an easy fit for digital storytelling and scrapbooking, flipping, presenting,  marketing, and for communicating with parents and community.

In a recent post, Shannon shared how she used buncee to ask 5th grade students to create I have a dream stories in honor of Dr. King’s birthday.

buncee edu digital canvas

The program is available in a limited free version and a recently-launched, reasonably- priced edu version.

A free account allows you to create a buncee with two slides.  From the canvas interface, users can add or import backgrounds, images, video (from YouTube), audio (from SoundCloud), text, drawings, messages and quotes (with a lovely variety of styles), stickers (from a variety of categories) and add tags (to make your creation more searchable).

Unless you are making simple cards, you are likely going to want to move beyond the free version.

With a bunceeEDU account you can create a private classroom with 30 student accounts and a teacher’s dashboard from which you can manage and assess student creations.  You can also create stories with an infinite number of slides, upload your own videos and PDFs, and record your own audio.

buncees can also be made and viewed on mobiles with the bunceebits app.

The library of existing buncees may be searched by keyword, discipline and grade level.

Check out this example–Zippy the Blob, by Loulou Gaget about accepting your own special talent.

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Joyce is an Assistant Professor of Teaching at Rutgers University School of Information and Communication, a technology writer, speaker, blogger and learner. Follow her on Twitter: @joycevalenza


  1. I too have been playing with Buncee and have enjoyed the tool. But I am disappointed in the free version. Two slides? How can any educator really try it using two slides to knowledgeably make the decision to go for the premium EDU cost? Granted it has a lot of bells and whistles, and when I shared with another teacher who is always looking for new or different digital storytelling tools to try, she was very dismissive of it over the two slide limit. IMHO Buncee should up the free version’s limit to at least five or six slides. THAT may very well whet my appetite to take the plunge financially. (Confession I did contact them about this and secured a trial EDU account, though the snow days numbering in six now have wreaked havoc with our ability to really test it out.) But let’s be honest, as we teach students about good presentation design, being more zen like, and using objects other than just words in slides to relay a story, two slides limits ALL that. So far I’ve used it to make digital cards and a promo for an upcoming presentation at my state conference. There are plenty of free tools out there to do just that without crowding it all in two slides. Buncee, please rethink your free version. Leave me clapping and begging for more, so much so that I am willing to pull out my wallet. (I hope Buncee is reading not just your post, but the comments as well.) Take care friend.

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