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Trio for mobile media curation

The folks who brought us the digital storytelling tool, Meograph, offer up a new app designed to facilitate mobile storytelling across platforms.

Launched in March and available free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Trio allows users to mash up or curate third party assets with their own digital content, captions and comments to create mini media stories.

Trio fills a niche, removing barriers for video curation on the go, while suggesting media inspiration.  Like Tumblr or Pinterest or Storify, it recognizes the whole as bigger than the sum of the parts, especially when those posts live across platforms.

Mobile storytellers search hashtags or users across external sources including Instagram, Giphy, iTunes and Vine, as well as selected popular media–movie clips, songs and animated GIFs.  (More platform partnerships are planned.) The Trio editor takes care of finessing the media collage with transitions, timing and audio balancing for up to 12 media selections.

Finished mash-ups may be shared via email or text or posted to Facebook, Twitter. Attribution automatically follows all media elements.  Tap on a Trio and it displays links back to original media sources.  Users may like, favorite and follow other users.

I can see high school students jumping all over this.  With challenges as a categorization tool, users could easily inspire friends to create themed media mashups in response to memes and calls to action, alá the Harlem shake and ice bucket challenge.

(Note: As with any tool that results in a gallery, not all creations are school-appropriate.

Here’s my first effort curated some of the #ISTELIB action.  Better efforts to come.
Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 5.39.31 PM


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