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On dear staff and flowers and maximizing equipment

For so many reasons it’s nearly impossible to run a library without able staff behind you. They are the folks who make us look good and who allow us to teach and plan and make a difference with learners. This post is not about this serious issue. It is simply a tip for how to […]

Shifting the power in the room @TLCafe Open Mic/Smackdown!

Too big to know:rethinking knowledge now that the facts aren’t the facts, experts are everywhere, and the smartest person in the room is the room. (Title of David Weinberger’s upcoming book) Lately my imposter syndrome has kicked into even higher gear. The talent in our field is astounding. Experts are emerging everywhere, every day.  I […]

Jane Yolen’s response to LAUSD’s firings

Children’s author, Niki Schoenfeldt featured a letter from Jane Yolen on her blog post today. Yolen, author of more than 300 books for young people, powerfully addresses LAUSD administrators who hired lawyers to question school librarians about their teaching skills. My favorite quotes: I have to commend you for closing libraries. You are turning out […]

Reading suggestion engines: Your next read

Sometimes readers’ advisory doesn’t come easy.  Sometimes we need some quick help recommending titles.  A number of my students, most notably my Book Club kids, belong to book networking sites like GoodReads, LibraryThing, and Shelfari. But not everyone really wants to join and build a reading network based on tagging and rating and reviewing. I’ve […]

Godin’s Poke the Box and The Domino Project

The job isn’t to catch up to the status quo; the job is to invent the status quo. Seth Godin. Last year, inspired by the ideas in Seth Godin’s Tribes, I began rethinking how I worked (or might work) in groups at school, with my colleagues, in professional organizations. At the suggestion of Patrick Larkin, […]

OMGigapixel!: Google Art Project launches and it’s beautiful!

In collaboration with seventeen of the world’s great museums, Google now takes its Street View indoors and allows to visit more than 400 rooms, examine the work of over 385 artists, and view and compare more than 1000 works of art. Here’s an introduction from Google developer Amit Sood and Sir Nicholas Serota of the […]

Vote for your favorite trailers: 1st Annual SLJ Trailee Awards

We need your help!  It’s time to vote.  Nominations were reviewed by a panel of judges and 24 finalists were selected for the first, of what SLJ hopes, will be an annual award event. Please view the book trailers and vote for your favorites in each category.   It might be fun–and it might inspire some […]

TL Cafe: Our Fall Learning Commons Kick-off

Don’t miss our TLCafe’s fall (eek!) kick-off event.  We are honored to host a session on the New Learning Commons with guest Dr. David V. Loertscher and host Marie Slim, on Monday, August 9th and 8PM Eastern. This important session will address: How can the Virtual School Learning Commons become the center of Teaching and […]

See Sally Research: An Environmental Scan

Recently, Doug Johnson and I recently were asked to write a chapter on how student research has evolved for an upcoming book aimed at school administrators.  I thought that some of you might find our draft helpful. See Sally Research Digital and ubiquitous sources of information, expanded definitions of literacy and audience, and greater emphasis […]

Spezify, a big-picture visual seach

I recently discovered the visual search engine, Spezify.  And I think many of my students will enjoy its attractive display and unique features, especially at the beginning of the search process. Officially launched on June 15th, Spezify attempts to present a big picture view with a display that seems to continually fills with screenshots gathered […]