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KidLit4BlackLives Rally

“This is not a meeting. This is a roll of thunder.” Kwame Alexander “Crawl towards judgment. Sprint towards understanding.” Jason Reynolds “Love alone is not going to free us from the practices that reduce school to twin acts of compliance and regurgitation.” Cornelius Minor “We have work to do.” Paula Chase-Hyman On June 4th, along […]

Write a report.

This is no time to be suggesting more work for any exhausted educator. Nevertheless, this is the perfect time to suggest going just one step further. Please write an annual report. Now, more than ever, it matters. For some of you, this is a regular, end-of-year ritual from which you pull on notes, photos, and […]

Creating your virtual library (quickly) using Slides and Bitmojis as Hyperdocs

Whether or not we are planning for a physical or a virtual school experience in September, it is clear that we need to translate our practice. We need strategies for personalizing and enriching the remote learning experience. And it is clear that the library must be the center of that experience. Currently, one very popular […]

Engaging with the Ambassador: Write.Right.Rite. with Jason Reynolds

Jason Reynolds, our current Library of Congress National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, chose the platform, GRAB THE MIC: Tell Your Story. His two-year term is devoted to listening and empowering students to share their own personal stories. While he might not currently be traveling around the country, he is speaking directly to young people […]

On telling the story and keeping the record

Someday, our children’s grandchildren will ask them, “What was it like during the Pandemic of 2020?” As they live through history, our students are now, intentionally or unintentionally, creating pieces of our historical record. We might be able to encourage and guide those efforts. And we may consider adding to the record ourselves. While these […]

Coronavirus: A book for children (and other worthy titles)

UPDATE: Pat Sarles is maintaining an excellent LibGuide on free children’s ebooks about COVID-19. It begins like this: There’s a new word you might have heard.You might hear people talking about it or you might hear it on the news.This word is the reason that you’re not going to school. It is the reason youcan’t […]

#TLstrong: Is the our moment?


A small group of friends and colleagues thought it might be good to gather colleagues around the country for a little check-in. On March 26, we brought around 85 folks together for some sharing and learning–a bit of a check-in. Melissa Thom of Connecticut and Craig Seasholes of Washington stepped up to co-host. Others–Michelle Luhtala, […]

Investigating coronavirus media messages through magazine covers

This morning media literacy expert Frank Baker (@fbaker) shared a new resource posted on his Media Literacy Clearinghouse. Frank’s gathering of March 2020 Pandemic Magazine Covers offers a simple and powerful way for us to engage learners in deconstructing media messages shared by covers from the U.S. and from around the world. He invites us […]

Resources for learning at home while we’re keeping each other safe

Many of us will find ourselves isolated during this unprecedented time.  Like many of our librarian colleagues, I’ve been curating. Here’s a Wakelet list of free learning resources and tools to enjoy with kids and as a family, while were are at home. Note that this list points to resources made freely available by a […]

On Librarians and Point Guards

It’s March, so I suppose it makes sense to talk basketball. The more I read about point guards, the more I think the comparison makes sense. How do you manage the space of the largest classroom in the school?