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Great Global Reads for Kids


Interested in international children’s literature? Elizabeth Greef recently shared her new Great Global Reads for Kids project on the IASL-Link listserv.  And she invites us to help populate and enrich what she calls her new wiki shell. The intention is: – to offer a growing book list of great children’s authors and titles sorted by […]

I’m just a book


It was one of those days. My students were hard at work creating their Civil War newsletters from the perspective of a northern or southern journalist.  They happily used our wiki lesson and pathfinders, but hundreds of relevant books on our shelves (and on the cart I dragged over) were going unused. The fact is, […]

Reading suggestion engines: Your next read


Sometimes readers’ advisory doesn’t come easy.  Sometimes we need some quick help recommending titles.  A number of my students, most notably my Book Club kids, belong to book networking sites like GoodReads, LibraryThing, and Shelfari. But not everyone really wants to join and build a reading network based on tagging and rating and reviewing. I’ve […]

TL Tips for Tight Times (Part 1: Rethinking Collection)

The vendors I do business with each year are beginning to call looking for commitments for next year and I don’t know what to tell them. We live in uncertain times.  Some of the best of us are losing positions. Some of us are covering multiple libraries.  For those of us lucky enough to be […]

Buffy’s Poll: Crowdsourcing the Critical Reads

Buffy Hamilton  (Unquiet Librarian and new Mover and Shaker) recently posted: Crowdsourcing Recommended Reads for Issues in School Librarianship.  Inspired by a request from her mentor and friend, Dr. Mary Ann Fitzgerald, of the University of Georgia, Buffy polled her PLN for recommendations for a recently published single book: a paradigm shifter sort of book […]

Godin’s Poke the Box and The Domino Project


The job isn’t to catch up to the status quo; the job is to invent the status quo. Seth Godin. Last year, inspired by the ideas in Seth Godin’s Tribes, I began rethinking how I worked (or might work) in groups at school, with my colleagues, in professional organizations. At the suggestion of Patrick Larkin, […]

Book Trailers for All updated


I met Teresa Schauer working with the SLJ folks on the Trailee Awards. She was the powerhouse and guiding force of our committee.

ICDL goes mobile

I just discovered that one of my very favorite booky destinations is now available as an app. The International Children’s Digital Library, a beautiful, multilingual portal, offering a large collection of free children’s books from around the world, can now be viewed on your iPad and on your iPhone, as well. The largest collection of […]

Am I the messenger (too)?


Yesterday, at the very end of the day, I was out on the floor helping the usual AP US History bunch dig up the usual primary sources for their usual DBQs, as well as the evidence they need for their debates.  Many of these kids also happen to be members of my Book Club.  Now, […]

Google ebook store launches


On Monday, Google launched its ebook store, allowing readers to purchase or download free ebooks from the world’s largest selection of ebooks, across a variety of supported devices and reader apps: Nook, Sony, Android, the Web.  (Those that support the Adobe eBook platform. But not my Kindle.) Today I am introducing it to 12th grade […]