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Two goals, one stone, easy magic


So my two big goals for the school year are 1) encouraging reading outside the curriculum 2) proving that learning opportunities exist outside the doors of our school and our library. Shannon Miller and I started chatted about connecting our book clubs late this summer, but the beginning of the school year hit and so […]

Goodbye, Google Directory


And another one bites the dust. (See Alas, poor learners . . .your Wonder Wheel is Gone!) On Wednesday, the Unofficial news and tips about Google blog led me to the sad news that Google Directory [was] no longer available. Now, some may think that Google’s second service–launched in 2000 after the search engine itself […]

I hope you’ll search (with skill): a revised letter to my grads


(It’s that time again.  I was thinking about how sad I am going to be to say goodbye to this year’s senior class, and decided to update a piece I first shared in my April 2009 VOYA column.) A letter to my seniors Each spring I watch another class leave me for the university and […]

Library hero


This may seem like the corniest idea in the history of corny ideas, but something about it made everyone smile this week.  So we’re going to institutionalize the corniness. On Tuesday, Jimmy solved our Adobe Flash issues.  He said, Just have everyone download Google Chrome, Dr. V!  Mixbook, Animoto and everything else will run.  No […]