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See You at the Fair

ALA Annual, that is.

The first time I went to an ALA Annual it was in Washington, just as this one is; the year was 1989, Joyful Noise had won the Newbery. As a young and very junior Harper editor, I was allowed to go to DC, and I was so grateful to be there. Bill Morris was the master of introductions, and he showed me around. It may even have been at that meeting that I said there ought to a Newbery for YA, and Bill was very dubious — about the idea, or that it would ever happen. Well it has, and, so I hear, YALSA is now also considering creating a YA nonfiction award (since the Sibert is an ALSC award, it runs only through age 14). So things do change.

I always think of Annual as the State Fair — everyone is happy, we know who the winners are, it is a long time until Midwinter — when we have to be anxious about the new choices — so we can all celebrate. So I hope to see some of you there, At the Fair — we can chat about nonfiction face to face. I don’t think it would be right to list where I’ll be here — I think of myself in this blog as a Voice for Nonfiction, not an author or editor. But I’ll be around, so if you see a face that looks kind of like the one on this blog, only in color, say hello.