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Mets and Yanks, Of Newsprint and the Web

The Nonfiction Stories In Our Kitchen I get up when it is still dark, and am always glad when the delivery company has our copy of the New York Times out on the lawn waiting for me. This is not always true, so I peer out trying to see if I am looking at a […]

My Last Word on the Teacher Issue

To Conclude Readers of this blog surely noticed a flurry of posts and counterposts about books and teachers, with most of the posts here, and on her own blog, coming from Monica Edinger (a longtime friend). As I explained to her in an email, I don’t think we ought to go on in the dialog […]


Read, Reader, Reading My trusty copy of eclassroom news arrived, with this interesting bit A study at Ball State showed that third and fourth graders who were not drawn to reading books were more receptive to ereaders. The fact that they were reading on a device similar to the PDAs they use for gaming, or phoning, […]

We Interrupt This Blog

Latest From the World Of Changing History Folks, I have a blog slated to appear on Monday the 24th, but I had to post this first. Last night a scholar told me about an article he had read. Through the miracle of the net I found it, waiting for me, and I am all abuzz. […]

How Did Bill Gates Get So Rich?

Knowers and Learners I liked Betty’s post — aside from being pleased she came by to visit. I’ve been reading about Bill Gates for a biography I’m writing. One thing that you see over and over again in his early life, and Paul Allen’s, is that when they were teenagers, the gap between their skill and […]

Habits of Mind

34 Percent Take a look at that headline, 34 percent. According to the Alliance for Excellent Education, that is the percentage of high school seniors nationwide who graduate ready for college. Here the article, for those who want to read more So basically two out of three students who complete high school, who pass […]

Elizabeth II

Exactly Why History Is Changing So Fast I have been effusing about The Ordeal of Elizabeth Marsh. In her Introduction, Linda Colley mentions something that I should have been stressing — and which makes the connection between the new history and young people all the more evident. She explains that her ability to piece together […]

Presto Chango

Elizabeth Marsh I have been preaching the gospel of the new American/world history — the way everything we thought we knew changes once you trace out the larger global connections behind familiar moments in American History. Well there is a new book, just out, that will make that point to you, to other adults, to […]

As the World Turns

Why It is Such a Great Time to Study History The research I am doing for a number of completely different projects keeps bringing me back to the same point: America History as we have taught it, written it, read it has been distorted by being so relentlessly Atlantic in its orientation. We view our […]

Beta Testing

Full Screen Full Motion David E. objects that the Global Kids Second Life newcast was not terribly different from what kids were able to create with conventional media years ago. Point taken — I agree that the concept of what they did is more compelling then the execution. And there is a danger in that […]