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Two Links You Have to See

On the issue of content in the classrooms:

On the issue that I knew nothing about and is horrifying beyond belief: Did you all know about these national high school dropout rates? High School!

more on fiction and nonfiction by tomorrow


  1. anonymously yours says:

    The sad reality, Marc, is that these numbers look about where they were when I was teaching 15 years ago. The district I was in beamed with pride when they got their 33% down to 26% over a five year period. What no one knew was that they only counted those kids who dropped out after completing ninth grade. The junior high population had a 24% dropout rate and the rough estimate was that there was plus/minus 8% who just fell through the cracks in their official counting. I’m no math whiz, but I think these numbers are always manipulated to to prevent total systemic shock.

  2. Marc Aronson says:

    I am in a state of “total systemic shock.” I really feel that nothing, I mean nothing, matters to us as a nation as much as changing these graduation rates.