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Here is a new post from Mary, now back from Kenya, she begins by responding to a comment posted here:

What is your reason for being in Kenya? And what excites you the most about being there?

I’m sorry not to have replied or added posts, but I had online trouble in Kenya. Most Kenyans access the Internet via an SMS cell phone that I didn’t have. While there I shadowed Jackson Liaram, the Maasai warrior about whom my NF book focuses, and now that I’m home I can share some of the information I gleaned. We watched hippos cavorting in a river. Watched a pride of lions filling up on a buffalo carcass. Watched a mother eagle protecting a catfish for her baby to enjoy. Learned from Jackson about medicinal and useful herbs and plants. 

We were made honorary members of Jackson’s village, complete with flowing outfits and gorgeous beaded jewelry, and they shared how they live and work and dance. After returning to our base camp my husband commented, "Americans talk about living with nature, but the Maasai do it." That encapsulates the theme of my book. An ancient tribal people can teach us much about how to leave a teeny footprint while enjoying earth’s pleasures.