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In a Moodle

Do You All Know Anything About Moodle, 

or other forms of online course management? I read a short article about it in "eschoolnews" which included this paragraph:

"Moodle enables teachers to develop online curricula and

lesson plans, administer assignments and quizzes, and

participate in professional development activities from

home. It also allows students to engage in lessons off-site

if they have internet access, providing a valuable schoolto-

home connection that can maximize learning."

           That caught my attention, since I often think about how to bring together trade non-fiction with materials generated for use in school. The article went on to say that in Michigan, 

"Another teacher wanted to use the eBook version of a


textbook for the whole class. The publisher stipulated that

the resource must be made available only to the class that

had purchased the book. The teacher used Moodle to

“enroll” students in a course that used the eBook as a

      Again that holds great potential interest for me as both an author and editor — if our books could be made available in a controlled digital form, with "extras" created by a teacher, then we could break past the barrier of hard cover format and price. Right now, a school can generally only buy a single book for its library, maybe a few more in paperback for a classroom library — though only very few non-fiction books aimed at kids older than sixth grade ever go into paperback. 

All of this looks interesting, promising, but I have no personal experience in this universe. Do you? Tell us.