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You Have to See This

Folks, This is Too Cool, I Have to Show It

I have tried to avoid talking about my own books on this site, but this time I can’t avoid it. There is a very nice review of Ain’t Nothing But a Man in the New York Times, but what I really want you to see is the slide show:
Photos From ‘Ain’t Nothing but a Man’ I hope this link works.

Take a look at the Palmer Hayden, which we could not reproduce in color in the book, wow. I say and I say it again, somehow we have to learn how to write our books within the constraints of printing and its costs, and then develop sites that go with and beyond what we can put on the page. That is the future! 

Here, also, from Scott Nelson, is a site to hear some John Henry recordings

We must make the digital world our partner, that is certainly the way ahead.