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Here Are Some Links For the Covers and Other Cool Visuals

I agree with Jeannine that we need to look at adult non-fiction to consider new ways our books could be presented. So let’s look at the books she suggested:

Jeannine mentioned Renee Bergland, I like the cover photo, but find the overall presentation suited to the rather academic audience the author surely has in mind. The Joshua Kendall, is very neat. I think it points towards the kind of visually narrative cover — the cover that intrigues you rather than merely stating in image or word what the book is about — that we should be aiming for in our books. And, yes, the Ruby Bridges which both gives us a visual pun on "eyes" and explodes past the usual rectangular box for a cover image,

I am not as big a fan of the You Wouldn’t Want to Be books, but that is my own aversion to a cartoony style. The covers do match the tone of the books, and that is voice, that attitude, is what makes them appealing. So the cover is doing what it should.

As long as we are looking at things, I thought I’d pass this along 
what an amazing resource to explore. I could see a class settling in with this site and Peter Sis’s book, and coming out a week later with their minds and eyes opened wide. 

Any more book covers for us to look at and think about?