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Books and Their Covers, A Designer’s Dozen

Edie Weinberg has been a children’s book designer for over 20 years. She’s art directed picture books, nonfiction books, and novelty books. She currently works on freelance design projects while employed full-time in educational publishing. Here are here thoughts on nonfiction book design: In looking at covers to talk about what I think works or […]

How Many Books Can Kids Check Out from Your Library?

This Question Was Suggested to Me By Betty Carter Who recalls that when library budgets were flush, she used to tell kids to take out at least four books a week — one suggested by a friend, one that suited an assignment, one that appealed to the kid, and one that Betty suggested that the […]

3.6 Is Worse Than It Looks

I’ve Been Throwing Some Numbers Around Here — the 80% Assignments stat (which some of you have questioned) and Nell Duke’s 3.6 minutes on nonfiction texts. Well if you look at her article the story is significantly worse than that. She observed 20 different classrooms, and she found in these early years another divide that […]

Seeing Is Believing

Here Are Some Links For the Covers and Other Cool Visuals I agree with Jeannine that we need to look at adult non-fiction to consider new ways our books could be presented. So let’s look at the books she suggested: Jeannine mentioned Renee Bergland, I like the cover photo, but find the overall presentation suited […]