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Could This Work for K-12?

I Went to My Older Son’s Rookie League Team BBQ Last Night and got talking with a dad who works for a major academic publisher. He was just back from the Canadian Library Association meeting where his job was to sell on-line rights to their books. As many of you may know, this cross of […]

Humility — Or Where Spiderman Meets Schoenberg

Of Wall-Crawlers and Museum Walls My three and half year old son went to the library yesterday, and proudly came back with four books he had selected — all of them featuring the Wall-Crawler, Spiderman, on the covers. These are the various levels of Spiderman books that HarperFestival has put out — from almost picture […]

If You Read, Review, Judge Books

That Have Anything to Do With Science — or, actually, any form of Nonfiction, You Must Read This: Brian Greene, the author, is the famously brilliant physicist at Columbia who also — just this past weekend — organized the first World Science Fair in New York’s Washington Square Park. We went, my two sons had […]