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What Part of 18 Million Don’t We Understand?

Did You Catch the Piece About the Money General Electric is Donating to NYC Public Middle Schools? GE is concerned at how few engineers we are training in America — I heard a spokesman for the firm say that fully 90% of the engineers in the world will be in Asia by 2010! So […]

Facts, Stories, Ideas

Roxanne’s comment on facts derserves more comment than I could fit into the comment box, so here goes. Betty Carter tells a marvelous story of seeing boys huddled over a book in the library. She was worred — what salacious material had they found? But, no, nothing to be worried about. They were staring at […]

Pluralism and 9-11

New Jesey is developing a statewide K-12 curriculum for teaching 9-11 I spent the day yesterday at a planning conference that is mapping out what this curriculum should contain. My wife Marina and I were on the subcommittee dealing with pluralism, along with David Commins — a very astute and wise professor of Middle East […]