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Spore and Its Issues

In Case Your Paper Did Not Cover The Launch of Spore, Here is the article, and video clip, in the Times,; I’d read about this new game/word/exploration-field nearly a year ago, and it sounds fascinating. In fact it sounds almost precisely like what I think Educational Technology should be — a field of […]

Video and What It Means to Us

Loree and Vicki Have Got Me Thinking Some years ago all the buzz in adult publishing was about synergy — Tina Brown created Talk/Miramax so that magazines, books, and movies would all be criss-crossed, created together. Random House famously said they were about information across all platforms — so that print or download or song […]

What Is The Road to Literacy — Interest or Content?

Did You Catch This Piece in the Times During the August Vacation Days? As you all surely know, Lucy Calkins of Teachers College at Columbia believes that the road to literacy runs through choice: let kids find what interests them, and they will be interested in reading. And as you may recall from the Culture […]