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The List Begins

The Nonfiction You Are Eading Now (Adult, Kids, For Pleasure, For Research) Loree Giffin Burns responded to my request but some glitch in the SLJ site did not allow her to post, here is her list with commentary: From my bedside table:   BUTTERFLY, by Thomas Marent This is a visual feast, magnificent to look at […]

Starting a New List of Favorites

Goodreads Do all of you know Goodreads the site that combines book reviews with social networking, so that you can share the books you are reading and see what your friends or colleagues are reading? I had liked stopping in on their site to see how people reacted to books I wrote or edited, but […]

Come On Book People, Let’s Talk Tech

I Have Been Posting About Ed Tech and Not Hearing From You Here is Kevin Jarrett’s all-too-modest (and flattering) post about the NY Tech Conference we attended on Friday: Book people, think about this — we were at a beautiful conference center, filled with bright people excited about working with students, buzzing with ideas and […]


I’ve Been Posting Here About Books, Schools, and the Digital World here is a terrific blog you all should know and explore,  The American History and Civics Initiative is a $20 million Corporation for Public Broadcasting project to develop online resources that teach American History and Civics. Seven pilot projects made the first cut and […]

Adventures In Media-Net Land

Where The New Media Landscape Can Take You Readers of this blog may have been puzzled by the last comment that was posted — Betty Carter had graciously offered some advice on how to "make a case to allow young people to take out more books." Well some trawling bot at the ad agency for […]

How to Make a Case to allow Young People To Take Out More Books

A Louisiana Librarian Asked for Help Making the Case that Her Young People Be Allowed to Borrow More than Two Books I asked Betty Carter — for first posed the question of how many books young people were allowed to borrow — for suggestions. She sent the following post, which you must read through to that […]

Shout Outs

Some Celebrating Is in Order The National Book Award finalists were announced this week, and I was thrilled to see Kathi Appelt’s the Underneath on the list. Kathi and I taught together at the Vermont College children’s and young adult literature MFA program, and she is a wonderful combination of the most warm-hearted supporter of […]

How Do We Define Excellence In Education?

One More Nail in the NCLB Coffin Did you catch this article today, A school district in Brownsville, Texas won the most important national prize for "excellence" urban education, while having failed to meet NCLB standards for two years. And there you have it — educational outcomes that, by one measure, define "excellence" by another measure […]

The NCLB Bubble and What It Means for Nonfiction

As the Headlines Trace the Collapse of the Housing Bubble, Schools Face a Different Disaster Did you all catch the piece in the Times this morning about the squeeze schools face with NCLB? Basically, schools made a deal with NCLB, promising slow progress for a few years, then rapid improvement in testing scores later one. […]

Three Fascinating Leads

On Teenagers and Books; Americans and Math; Video-visits to Schools. Teenagers and Books Kevin Jarrett sent me this, It is the result of a survey of readers aged 15-24. In general the responses were both reassuring to book people, and showed some of the challenges books face. For example,  "Younger Adult book readers live in […]