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I’ve Been Posting Here About Books, Schools, and the Digital World

here is a terrific blog you all should know and explore,  The American History and Civics Initiative is a $20 million Corporation for Public Broadcasting project to develop online resources that teach American History and Civics. Seven pilot projects made the first cut and are under development. But this blog is a clearinghouse of information about the entire subject of digital games and learning and so has much to offer all of us. I learned about it from Andy Hoffman, who is directing this phase of the AHCI — and his background gives a sense of what it is: he is former teacher, he wrote a terrific (adult) biography of Mark Twain, and he ran several Teaching American History projects. So don’t assume this is a world for techies only. 

You will see a lot about gaming and platforms on the site, but look down the list of organizations on the left and you see the history team. This is a place to explore to get a sense of what is going on throughout the digital/history/educational universe.

On the same theme, today I am off to a conference of New York area educational technology people — courtesy of Kevin Jarrett. I am interested to hear from them about what is going on in the schools, I’ll report back.

But what about all of you, authors, illustrators, editors, librarians — how are you (or are you?) thinking about, exploring, using gaming, virtual reality, webquests, in your work? How does the digital world (as it relates to books, school, kids) look from your desk?