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Global Economics

Everyday the Dow Falls Further, and the Bad News Spreads to Europe, Asia, and back around the world to our own retirement plans here. How can we explain this to students? How can we locate what is going on right now, in the crawlers we see on our screens (much less the news on TV […]

Read This On The Book-Game Issue

The New York Times is doing an ongoing series on reading and how it may be changing. This second piece links directly to the issues we have been talking about here — is gaming a path to reading, a challenge to reading, a form of reading? And whatever gaming (and the entire online world) mean […]

Are Books Like CDs

What Can We Learn From the Music Industry? If you have the patience to wait through a bit of potted history, I have a point for us all to consider: Any adult has been through at least two revolutions in how s/he purchased and listened to music. We grew up with records, we made the […]

Ed Tech Gets Really Interesting

I Like What I Am Seeing We all know that the digital world has great potential for teaching, for schools, and as a domain that can work with and enhance print. But potential is as potential does — for so many of us, new devices and programs are developed somewhere far away, and we catch […]