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Sunday Reading

Did you read last week’s post about print books? Well here is a very similar "take" from James Gleick in today’s New York Times News of the Week in Review:

Nonfiction for Young Readers, The Inbetween

I Went to School in the Glory Years of "New Math" — Venn Diagrams So if we were to diagram nonfiction books for younger readers, what overlapping forces would we have to consider? Here’s the first rub: the most obvious first consideration is curriculum — will the the subject of this book fit with the scope […]

Urban Myths; Mirrors and Journeys

The Third Grade Story Susan questions whether that third grade reading scores = where to build prisons story is true or one of those tales that flickers across the internet, gaining credability, or at least currency, merely because it exists. This discussion cites an official knowledgable about California as saying there is a link between […]

The Value of Books, Print Books

I’m Writing from NCTE, Where I Wander Through Halls Filled with Books and so the question comes, what is the particular nature of a print book, as opposed to the same text and art on, say, a Kindle or any other soon-to-appear form of e-reader? I was prompted to think of this by looking at […]

One Approach to The 50 % Problem

Alfred Tatum and "Textual Lineages" One of the best parts of going to conventions can be the flights, because you are often seated near people with similar interests, but not necessarily the circle of familiar faces you plan to meat on panels and at parties. Flying out here to NCTE-ALAN, I met a woman who […]

Expertise — Teenagers On the Internet

Today’s Times Brings an Article That Links, and Comments On, My Last Two Posts The article describes a study of how teenagers use the social networking of the internet: the horizontal now I described. But it also concludes that this activity is not as dangerous (in terms of predators) as parents might fear, and that […]

The Critic and the Poster

Podcasts v Reviews When I arrived at the SLJ Summit I had to rush off — leading to the widespread rumor that my plane was trapped on the ground in Newark. In fact, I was in my hotel room, because I was doing a podcast interview with Heidi Estrin for the Book of Life, a […]

Wide + Deep = Headspace

Back From the Summit With a Vision of the Nonfiction Future I hope some or all of you caught the blogs or twitters that came directly from the Summit over the weekend. I was there, listening to Anastasia Goodstein of Ypulse, Scott Traylor of 360kid, and various publishers (Scholastic, Capstone, Rosen were especially […]

See You In…

Florida, if you are coming to the SLJ Summit — here is information about it I had not heard of "ning" before Kevin Jarett pointed this out to me. It is is a social networking site created around an event. In this case the summit has very limited registration, but the site serves (I should […]

Back to WIP

Over the Year We Heard From Several Authors Whose Work Was In Progress, But Not Published. Here is an Update from Mary Bowman-Kruhm. Other Authors Please Get In Touch. After describing my book-in-progress last April, I thought some readers might be interested at the turn I’m taking on a proposed middle grade book about Jackson, […]