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Two Exciting Leads

You Never Know What You Will Find In Your In-Box

Susana Reich, who gave us such an interesting Work In Progress (and friends, I am eager for more), sends word that she is promoting her book with a Blog Tour: 
Monday, November 3 – Interview on Becky’s Book Reviews.
Tuesday, November 4 – Interview with Tina Nichols Coury.
– and – Review on Big A little a.
Wednesday, November 5 – "Art And The Informed Outsider: Susanna Reich’s Painting the Wild Frontier" – Interview with Mitali Perkins at mitali’s fire escape.
Thursday, November 6 – “A Conversation With Susanna Reich” – with Gail Gauthier.
Friday, November 7 – Interview with Mary Emma Allen on One Book Two Book.
Monday, November 10 – “On the Books," on Susan Thomsen’s blog, Chicken Spaghetti.

I think this is just a brilliant idea, really fresh use of social networking to give people a way to learn about an author and her book.

On a completely different front, Dr. David Commins of Dickenson College responded to my request for ways to counter anti-Islamic pressures with this wonderful lead, In particular, the Cordoba Initiative which you can find on that site is a great resource for anyone whose school is being misinformed by groups such as Jihad Watch. 

And I eagerly await more nonfiction favorites from you.