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Florida, if you are coming to the SLJ Summit — here is information about it I had not heard of "ning" before Kevin Jarett pointed this out to me. It is is a social networking site created around an event. In this case the summit has very limited registration, but the site serves (I should think) as a way for anyone interested to learn more about (or from) those who will be there. In effect the site is a mini, online, version of the shmoozing that is half the reason for a conference. 

I am hosting a panel on how books, regular old trade (not textbooks) books fit or do not fit with the digital universe. On the panel with me will be Vicki Cobb, Nancy Feresten (publisher of children’s books at National Geographic), and Kevin — who will guide everyone to the two sites being built around my book Race on Second Life. We plan to present an honest view of what is, and is not, working in the marriage of print and pixels. Please send me any questions that you would like us to take up.

San Antonio, if you will be at NCTE-ALAN. I’ll be on two panels there: Tanya Bolden, Tanya Stone, Becky Partridge and I will be talking about nonfiction — its challenges and opportunities. That could take days, but we only have an hour or so. Then Patty Campbell, Rita Williams-Garcia and I will talk about war, soldiers, and teenagers. Once again, if I won’t have the chance to see you there, please send me any questions or comments that you would like me to discuss.

Finally, I cannot help offering this link — to a long show I did yesterday with WHO-AM in Des Moines. My host, Jan Mckelson, is quite bright. He is also a biblical literalist. Our views are, shall we say, quite different. The conversation was fascinating — and for me, even listening to the commericals at the break — hybrid seeds, John Deere tractors, pork belly prices — was like visiting the most exotic land.