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Two Exciting Leads

You Never Know What You Will Find In Your In-Box Susana Reich, who gave us such an interesting Work In Progress (and friends, I am eager for more), sends word that she is promoting her book with a Blog Tour:  Monday, November 3 – Interview on Becky’s Book Reviews. Tuesday, November 4 – Interview […]

Transformational Moments

We all know what Obama’s election means to Afican-Americans, to race relations in America, but if you want a sense of what it could mean, what it might mean, on a global scale read and scroll down through the comments from reporters, and posts from bloggers, all around the world. No matter who you favored […]

Alert — How Does Your School Present Islam to Students

Is This the Coming Clash for Our Schools and Libraries? I am getting word of a very disturbing strand in how Islam is being discussed, and presented to students. There is a move afoot to characterize Islam as a "different" form of "culture" that oppresses women, that has a jihadist mentality, and thus should not […]