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Come One Come All: The Year In Nonfiction

Friends, This Is Our Turn: The Year in Nonfiction What did you love — and since we are content people, why? What did you not love — why? Our focus is younger readers, but if you saw something in adult books, online, other media that made you think about the books we do, tell us. […]

Standing at the Crossroads

I Believe I’m Sinking Down That is how the Robert Johnson song goes, and how it sometimes feels as a lover of nonfiction. I say crossroads because we stand at the meeting place of several contradictory forces, and it is up to us to fight back, define our space — make the outsiders change course. The latest […]

From Dr. Myra Zarnowski

Myra is Head of the Elementary Ed. Dept at Queens College, and the Author of Making Sense of History Here she is commenting on Mary Ann’s post about trade books and teachers, which I forwarded to her: "The post you sent me describes a world I also live in. Because we professors want to impact […]

Of Adult Nonfiction and Our Nonfiction

Can Adult Nonfiction Translate into Good Nonfiction For Younger Readers? I have been thinking about this question ever since I began editing books for middle graders more than twenty years ago. I have always been drawn to the depth of knowledge that academic authors have, as the narrative skill of adult trade writers. And, from […]

Second Guest Blog

I hope you were able to find the blog after that big gap of whitespace. Here is John’s second blog, straight from the warzone of the Oklahoma City schools. His last paragraph is especially powerful and convincing — whatever schools need to be in terms of education, they are also a reflection of the communities in […]

Guest Blog from the Classroom War Zone

John Thompson is a professional historian turned teacher in a very tough Oklahoma city school who contributes to the This Week in Education blog He saw me on TV talking about Race, I saw his post, and we got in touch. Here is the first of two powerful blogs from John — which link together several […]